Monday, 18 February 2013

where to put my birdbox?

If only there were hard a fast rules about siting your bird box but unfortunately there are not. As they say location, location location!

Here is some help to plan your camera nestbox site.

Below are 10 tips to help

  1. Place your nest box with camera with your species in mind

  1. Do not place your nest box with camera in constant bright sunshine

  1. Make sure your nest box with camera is securely fastened to the tree, post etc. Use screws, nylon straps to secure it - even in the strongest winds

  1. Make sure your nest box with camera is out of reach of ground predators - cats etc

  1. Think about a hole protector if squirrels may be a problem - not needed for woodpeckers as they will make their own hole into the nest!

  1. Make sure your nest box with camera has a clear entrance / exit hole to allow clear flight to and from the nest

  1. Avoid putting it in well used areas - although I have seen blue tits nesting by some bodies front door!

  1. Make sure the nest box with camera is clean at the end of every season

  1. Birds will nest where they feel safe - not just from predators but noise as well

  1. If the bird box does not get used- move it to another position and try again

camera birdbox
Make sure the hole has a clear flight path

In gardens, bird boxes should be erected between 5 – 6ft  if they
are not likely to be predated. At this height it will be a lot easier to clean them at the end of the season
Boxes can be put up higher 8 – 12ft if predation or human disturbance might be an issue.

Do I need to clean out my birdboxes from last year

Yes, Make sure that the box is clean inside. Remove last years nest and wash the box inside with hot water. There is no need to add nesting material inside the box if there is anything inside the box it usually gets removed by the nesting birds anyway. 

If you want to put a nest box camera in your existing birdbox or nesting boxes they can be bought from here 

The Advantages of a bird nesting box camera

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