Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Camera day

 Today i took my camera with me on my normal travels.

Squirell having a loaf in the sun. Quite cute when not stealing the birdfood. This was up on leith hill - i travelled up there and only got a good picture of a squrrel, could have looked out my kitchen window! Recently on the hill i've seen tree creeper, red kite, buzzard, lesser spotted woodpecker and the day i had my camera? squirell....

A really tatty looking Robin taken in the garden

Swallow on the overhead wires at the workshop. The workshop is down on the Sussex coast just outside L.A. - for those who know i dont have to explain it.There is an outbuilding that they nest in there. They are so acrobatic flying about. Sometimes they have come through the open door in the workshop and turned around on a six pence and flown out again. If my co worker was not there i would not have beleived how quick it was.  I guess this one must have been out doing stuff of a stuff type nature as the thin white mark near his tail is a cobweb. There are always a good selection of birds at the workshop - you'd never think sparrows were in decline. Goldfinches, buzzards, egrets and barn owls are all regulars there

A rather majestic looking blackbird on the lawn 



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