Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wing flapping

Wing flapping

It seems to mean many things. The male does this when in his newly found nest box as in the video above. The female does this when demanding food as part of the mating and it also seems to reinforce the bonds between male and female. It is also used practically when the female is sitting on the nest and requires food. 

The young also use it when newly fledged to indicate they want feeding.

I'm guessing it is a general signal and as the ideas communicated between birds ( food, sex, territory and alarm) are fairly basic and the signal need not be complicated. I am willing to be proved wrong on this by the way, I just don't think they have the time or brain capacity for anything else apart from basic survival stuff.

Great Tit chick doing the shaking wing thing. The parent is on the feeder below


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